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Convert a DLL to have a Strong Name using it’s Type Library and TLBIMP January 24, 2006

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Recently I was adding interop.wialib to a strongly named project.  As wialib wasn’t strongly named I got the following error:

Assembly generation failed – Referenecd assembly ‘Interop.WIALib’ does not have a strong name

I then came across this excellent tip from CodeProject which allows you to strongly name many of Microsoft assemblies:

The steps are
1) Create a key:
     sn -k keypair.snk

2) Rebuild the com object;
tlbimp OldDll.tlb /out:NewDll.dll /keyfile:keypair.snk

3) Remove the OldDll.dll from the project references

4) Add NewDll.dll the project

5) Full rebuild



1. cuongdv - May 20, 2006

i tried with your ex but happens error, pls tell me why?

TlbImp : error TI0000 : Unable to locate input type library: ‘Microsoft.Practice


2. Dinesh - September 29, 2006

Where do I get the COM tlb file to do the conversion ?? If you have a copy could you please post it

3. ביטוח רכב - November 5, 2006

I am so sick of the TI0000 error..

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